Reducing energy and water use is vital to food security

A third of all food is wasted between the field and the table. A sad truth, but this doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Technology can contribute to the reduction of food waste, energy use, and water consumption. Bühler is committed to developing technologies that reduce waste and energy consumption by 30% by 2020, as well as methods to reduce water use in food processing.

An example is a new process for making Nixtamal corn flour used for tortillas – a product that outsells white bread in the US. Bühler’s Prime Masa Nixtamal uses 90% less water than traditional methods through technology that steams the corn instead of cooking it in water for hours. The process uses almost 40% less steam and 30% less energy than previous methods and eliminates the need for the 1,500 liters of water that would normally be wasted during production of 1 ton of corn.

Bühler has also been addressing the issue of the up to 10% of bread left unused after baking as a result of errors, rejection, or overproduction. This unused, wasted bread is given a second life by being put back into the process, becoming a valuable ingredient that has proven to have a positive effect on the end product. It also increases dough yields by up to 10%.

It’s not just new products where Bühler is helping to save resources. Its 2018 launched ReNew Internet platform enables customers to find new homes for their old Bühler machines. The company acts as a hub, overhauling these oldies but goodies and selling them to new owners with full warranties. This means machines remain economically viable and don’t end up as scrap metal.

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