Improving diets and tackling malnutrition

That well over 800 million people worldwide should still suffer from malnutrition this far into the 21st century is a stark statistic, but equally shocking is the issue of hidden hunger caused by deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

While this may not produce many of the physical symptoms we associate with malnutrition, it is a serious and disturbingly widespread problem and can be particularly damaging to the health and cognitive development of young children, which then only worsens the cycle of poverty. One key reason for the hidden hunger epidemic is that daily diets based on a single starchy food such as rice, wheat flour, or corn may provide sufficient calories but not nearly enough vital vitamins and minerals.

Bühler is striving to tackle these challenges with innovative food fortification solutions, such as NutriRice, which adds an extra level of quality to this staple food by mixing broken kernels for rice flour production with vitamins and minerals, then adding them to natural whole rice kernels at a set ratio. The company has also been supplying thousands of microfeeders to mills and food factories in Pakistan to help reduce the region’s high levels of child stunting and malnutrition.

As a key partner in the Food Fortification Initiative, alongside UNICEF and the CDC Foundation, Bühler is working to bring simple, affordable grain fortification processes to mills around the world.

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