The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the 17 global goals set out by the General Assembly of the United Nations – a universal call to action to protect the planet. Here’s how Bühler is playing its part.

Bühler's Core SDGs

We are developing sustainable alternative protein sources from plants and insects, strengthening food safety and security, and improving process efficiency to dramatically cut post-harvest waste through innovations such as Lumo- Vision.

We are reducing the burden on freshwater utilization by increasing the efficiency of food value chains with respect to food waste. An example is the Prime Masa Nixtamal process, an industrialscale solution that cuts water use by 90%.

Bühler is a leader in lithium- ion battery technology, as used in the growing electric car market, and it is also developing ultra-low-emission facilities for customers, such as a coffee plant for Norwegian producer Joh. Johannson Kaffe.

In 2018, Bühler invested CHF 145 million into R&D projects. This is 4.4% of its turnover. Bühler also helps strengthen infrastructure in local markets through affordable processes and equipment. For example, customers can buy quality refurbished Bühler machines through its ReNew hub.

Using architectural smart glass coated on Leybold Optics glass coaters can cut a building’s energy use by half. The glass coated on a single Leybold Optics machine in one year would save almost as much energy as is produced by a nuclear power plant.

Alongside the range of solutions Bühler provides to customers to minimize environmental impact, its own sites are also being ISO 14001 certified. Meanwhile, the development of digital solutions to reduce waste and energy consumption is picking up pace.

Bühler partners with Lishen in China to produce slurry for 400,000 electric car batteries a year, and continues to develop energy efficient, waste reducing solutions. Around 75% of the world’s silver paste used in solar panels is also produced with the help of Bühler machines.

These SDGs are also important for Bühler

Bühler is investing in training, supporting local economies, and passing on expertise – its involvement in the Partners in Food Solutions program is also helping to improve food security and nutrition and boost economic development across Africa.

Bühler provides innovative solutions on an industrial scale to help eradicate mycotoxins and other contaminants, working with food manufacturers to improve nutritional value, and developing state-of-the-art warning systems to improve food safety.

In addition to Bühler’s 600 apprentices in training, our experts transfer expertise to local communities. Examples include Indonesia’s cocoa application facility, Kenya’s African Milling School, the forthcoming Ivory Coast chocolate training hub, and more.

Diversity and inclusion are top priorities for Bühler. It is committed to increasing the percentage of women employees by 1% year-on-year. It also invests in inclusion training, and all employees have equal rights, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or age.

Bühler creates education, training, and employment opportunities across the developing world, and partners to provide access to knowledge. Bühler offers adequate compensation, safe and rewarding work, and employee development programs around the globe.

Bühler’s Code of Conduct covers behavior in relation to employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and others, backed by an internal Compliance Board. Unconscious bias awareness training was introduced in 2018 in Switzerland.

Bühler is developing and producing processing technologies for aqua feed, with a focus on creating complete diets that maintain fish health. It is also exploring potential technologies to produce insect proteins for aqua feed.

Bühler’s digital innovations will help its customers reduce waste, water, and energy by optimizing overall equipment effectiveness. We are developing process solutions for alternative proteins, such as insects for feed. No fertile land is needed for insect production.

All employment rights are fully guaranteed by law in the countries where Bühler operates. In 2018, Bühler launched a Diversity & Inclusion initiative to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace and culture. It is already running multinationally.

Bühler is active in partnership programs and industry initiatives with customers and academic institutions to strengthen economic and sustainable development – these include the World Food System Center, MassChallenge, EIT Food, and Partners in Food Solutions.

More about sustainability at Bühler?

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